Unvented Hot Water Systems (UHWS)

If you are a plumber or heating engineer, our Unvented G3 Certificate course will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to install and maintain unvented hot water storage systems.

By the time you complete this course, you will be familiar with the G3 Building Regulations and how to follow them when working with hot water storage systems (HWSS).


You will attend 2 days of Assessments with one of our experienced plumbing Assessors.

The areas covered are:

  • Unvented hot water systems and their operating principles
  • Design and installation of unvented hot water storage systems
  • Maintenance of unvented hot water storage systems
  • Meeting the requirements of the Building Regulations
  • Sealed central heating systems

Who is UHWS for?

This course is designed for experienced plumbers and heating engineers who wish to bolster their skills by learning how to install hot water storage systems in accordance with the current Building Regulations. The Unvented G3 Certificate (awarded upon successful completion of this course) is also a requirement for working with solar thermal hot water installations.

If you do not have the experience necessary to pass this course, you may wish to consider one of our entry-level plumbing courses. These programmes will help you to learn the basics of plumbing before helping you to progress onto a more advanced course like this one.


Once you have completed your HWSS course and passed the final assessments, you will receive the Unvented G3 Certificate and an ID card that identifies you as being qualified to install and maintain unvented hot water storage systems in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Further Information

For more information about this course visit Access Training at https://www.accesstraininguk.co.uk/plumbing-courses/unvented-hot-water-storage-systems 

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Unvented Hot Water Systems (UHWS)

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